IGA Waterloo

The brief was to create a facility where the residents should feel ‘at home’ and as if they are in a 5 star hotel.

Poplars’ is set in a leafy suburb established during the early 20th Century with many homes of this period. The interiors evoke a sense of this by paying homage to Frank Lloyd Wright and the Arts and Crafts Movement. We achieved this through the use of stained timber detailing throughout the communal areas, lead light and special lighting. This gives the nursing home the essence of the period whilst still maintaining the functionality required for a cutting edge facility that offers the latest in aged care.

With an ageing population and a need to reduce our burden on resources becoming more urgent, aged care providers have a responsibility to build facilities that focus on sustainable practise within their compliance obligations. We have achieved this in construction using grey water, double glazing, and solar panelling. Within the aesthetic of the building, we focused on sustainable products; timber, stone, wool, and recyclable products. Curtains have been used for both their visual enhancement and their thermal contribution.

Photography by: Stonewell & Co.